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One tree planted for every book sold

For every copy of The Investor's Solution sold, whether paperback or Kindle, we will plant a tree through donations to Trees for the Future (

Trees for the Future is changing lives through regenerative agriculture, and it all starts with trees.

Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future aims to break the cycle of poverty and hunger for 1 million people by planting 500 million trees in 125,000 Forest Gardens by 2025.

They work with thousands of farming families across five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Focusing on the areas that are likely to have the biggest impact, they are seeing profound results.

Through their 4-year training program, called the Forest Garden Approach, farmers plant thousands of trees that protect and bring nutrients back to the soil. This helps farmers grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. Forest Garden farmers gain increases in income and access to food, even in the first year, all while improving the environment.

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